The concept of 4 Sushi revolves around our small group of 4 sushi lovers.

We’re average joe’s from different age groups and backgrounds who at
some point or another have become fans of sushi. You can find out more
about us, and what we bring to the sushi table in our individual bio’s.

The topic of sushi can be very polarizing. Based on our experience if you
were to chart the graph from love it – to hate it, you would get a u shape,
and the middle ground would be smaller than the 2 extremes.

But love it, or hate it, you have to admit that the art of sushi is also about
presentation, and appreciating sushi is as much for the eyes as it is for the
taste buds. Never has such a small finger food made such a large impact
on such a broad audience.

We hope that after visiting our website, you find a new favorite sushi, or
better still a new sushi restaurant, or just an interesting bit of information
you can file away for a future conversation at a party.

We invite all commentary on our website, and look forward to hearing from
other sushi lovers.

The 4 Sushi Guys!